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Is there a cost to register?
No, registration is FREE and will always remain so.

Is there a cost to build an event and match against stall holders
There is a free fully functional trial for event organisers. There are no up front costs.

Is there a cost to stall holders?
There is a free fully functional trial for stall holders. There are no up front costs.

How does Events and Stalls make money?
Through service add-ons and advertising.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?
In most cases you will indeed need to have proof of PLI and many events will not allow you to proceed without it. We also recommend that you have this for your own peace of mind as it is not expensive.
Take a look at our Public Liability Insurance page.

Does Events and Stalls take money for events?
No. This is done directly with the event holder. We are currently looking in to Escrow options, to help stall holders avoid scams but this service is not yet available.

How do I avoid being scammed?
We do our best to block scammers including manually checking details where available, cross checking on social media and recieiving event feedback. However there are people out there that will add fake events in return for deposits. This is the most common scam.

Please do all of the research you can about an event before handing over money, such as contacting the event venue via independent methods and checking that the contact information that you have matches the event holder. If an event doesn't feel right and has very little information to cross check then you should be extra careful.

Report a scam event
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